Helpers also need help

The district of Ahrweiler is one of the hardest of this year's Flood hit areas. In addition to government support are Local auxiliaries rely on donations. Also the STEMA Metalleichtbau GmbH shows solidarity.

Our new trainees are here!

Welcome to the STEMA team! The new trainees are here.

Win our 1.5 millionth follower!

This year we are celebrating two impressive anniversaries: 70 years of STEMA and the production of our 1.5 millionth trailer. In order to celebrate the double occasion appropriately, we are starting a very special campaign on our website from August.

Free with every accessory item!

From June 1st we will have a free EM bottle opener for every accessory order.

STEMA sponsors € 1000 with Sachsen-Energie

The Skäßchen special school and the Diakonische Werkstätten in Großenhain can look forward to half of the € 1,000.

70 years of trailers from Großenhain

STEMA Lightweight Metal Construction is celebrating its anniversary - so far over 1.5 million trailers have been produced - trailers are getting bigger, more and more individual and with a trend towards specialist retailers

Oct 2, 2021
Training exchange BSZ TW Riesa
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  • Riesaer Straße 50
  • 01558 Großenhain
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