Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Information for maintenance, repair and repair work

Maintenance, servicing and repair work that is not described in the operating instructions may only be carried out by authorized STEMA service partners.

You can find your nearest STEMA service partner here.

Independent economic operators can request necessary information here via e-mail.

An online new registration for STEMA car trailers is not possible until further notice! Due to technical problems, the vehicle data cannot be retrieved from the Federal Motor Transport Authority at the moment. The IT experts are working on it. We will inform you as soon as this option is available again. For registration, please only use the vehicle registration offices for your registration. Please do not open the hidden security code on the registration certificate part II.

Any changes that deviate from our STEMA ABE/type approval for the trailer must be presented to an officially recognized expert for inspection. *Technical changes are subject to approval by an officially recognized expert (= technical change according to §§ of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations). As a result, an addendum must be made in the vehicle documents. Otherwise, the operating license for the trailer will expire. During the main inspection, the inspection sticker would have to be refused. Recommendation: If it is unavoidable that changes should be made, then in any case contact an officially recognized expert and remember that any risk lies with you. Guarantee claims for the STEMA car trailer are therefore generally excluded. In particular, the towing device of the STEMA car trailer is a component that requires separate approval. The strength is documented and verified by a recognized testing agency. All changes to these components that deviate from the approval status are not approved by STEMA as a matter of principle. In each individual case, it would mean a new approval run. Please understand, in such cases STEMA does not issue a manufacturer's declaration or can NOT confirm the harmlessness.

A speed of 100 km/h for car trailers is an exception to the Road Traffic Regulations / Road Traffic Licensing Regulation in Germany.The legislature provides for corresponding regulations, which each owner / user of the trailer must meet independently.Further information can be found at:


A 10-inch rim has the offset "ET 0", a 13-inch rim has the offset of "ET 30" to "ET 35" (variations possible). Thus the respective axle equipment is not compatible with each other.

However, if the ABE or EC type approval stipulates the possibility of a 13-inch wheel/ tire combination, and the equipment corresponds to factory-made 10-inch, an axle exchange must take place. This then requires approval with an expert assessment by a technical service as a technical modification, and the subsequent entry in the vehicle papers at the motor vehicle licensing authority.

A national ABE usually begins with one or two letters and a sequence of numbers. For example: L410... or DE...

An EC type-approval usually starts with e... or e1...

This data can be found in the registration certificate Part I and Part II under the position K and on the type label of your car trailer.

You can find more information about the procedure in the event of loss of vehicle documents under the following link:

German federal motor vehicle titles were issued by STEMA until September 30, 2005.

With the implementation of the EC-harmonised motor vehicle documents, the motor vehicle titles in Germany were replaced by the registration certificate part II on October 1, 2005.

In the “old” motor vehicle title, one can find further details about the trailer in positions 21, 23, and 33 (for example, wheel/ tire combinations). If the original title was replaced by a registration certificate (for example because of a change in ownership), then only one possible wheel/ tire combination appears due to the form specifications.

Registration certificates part II will be issued by STEMA as of October 1, 2005 for car trailers. These replace the “old” car titles. The registration certificate part I can be issued at a motor vehicle registration authority in Germany with the presentation of the registration certificate part II (and further documents).

Due to the format of the form, no information about the wheel/tire combination is given in the registration certificate part II. In the registration certificate part I, there is only an entry about this under section 15.1, which is a component of the EC type approval or general operating license.

These tires do not need to be attached to the trailer and can vary. Attention should be paid to the text on the back side of the registration certificate part I (notices about field 15.1 to 15.3). The lawmaker made a notice here about other wheel/tire combinations.

A supplementary sheet was an annex for the old vehicle title. It referred to the vehicle identification number and the general operating license. It described possible accessory setup states for the trailer (for example support wheel, high cover, high frame, etc.).

There were two versions of the supplementary sheet:

  • to be kept with the vehicle registration at the time
  • attached to the vehicle title at the time

A replacement can be issued for a fee. Please use the contact form to get in touch with our service department. Please provide your vehicle identification number as well as your ABE number. Attach a photo of the type label of your trailer to the inquiry.

Data validation: production certification for the STEMA car trailer

A data validation was issued in conjunction with the registration certificate part II as of October 1, 2005 to October 18, 2012 for your STEMA car trailer. The data validation was enclosed with the registration certificate part II or was later added to the documents in the document pouch.

As a rule, the data validation contains details about the car trailer and further information about the manufacturer. Among others:

  • possible tires
  • trailer structurally designed for 100 km/h
  • ability to be retrofitted, as well as later registration for 100 km/h

In the case of loss, STEMA can print another data validation for an administrative fee. Please use the contact form for this and get in touch with the service area. Please also attach a scan or a photo of your *registration certificate part II”.

English: Certificate of Conformity

These certifications were only partially issued by STEMA prior to October 26, 2012. Moreover, only if at this time the car trailer or the corresponding registration certificate part II had already been already been issued with an EC type approval.

The EC certificate of conformity is in the documents in the document pouch. It contains specific data about the STEMA car trailer (such as dimensions, equipment, setup states, wheel & tire combinations, …).

We recommend presenting this to the motor vehicle licensing authority when first registering the trailer. In the case of loss, STEMA can print another data validation for an administrative fee. Please use the contact form for this and get in touch with the service area. Please also attach a scan or a photo of your *registration certificate part II”.

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