100 km/h regulation

for car trailers up to 3,500 kg total weight

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Notices about purchasing a new trailer that should be driven with 100 km/h.

In general, the speed limit of 80 km/h for car + trailer combinations applies in Germany. Thanks to an exemption regulation (9th AusnVO), it is possible to register trailers for 100 km/h and to drive on freeways and highways if the legal conditions for this are met.

100 km/h regulation

With every STEMA trailer you receive an EU declaration of conformity (COC). This states the maximum speed of the trailer types at 100 km/h - but this alone is not confirmation that the trailer can be approved for 100 km/h without further ado. It could be that technical extensions and an expert assessment may be required! Please ask your STEMA dealer for more information. (Status 11/2013)

You, as a road user, must always be informed for the current legal situation and any changes therein prior to driving domestically and internationally.

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