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Was our employees have to say

We are a traditional company that leads the top trailer manufacturers in Germany. To achieve this, we are constantly investing in state-of-the-art machinery and media technology. Our greatest capital is our enthusiastic and strong-willed employees, who are employed in a wide range of professions and areas. But how our employees feel about working at STEMA is best told by them themselves:

Christian Barteck

I am from Grossenhain and I already knew about STEMA from word-of-mouth, applied here specifically, because I really wanted to work in a bigger company. Back then I never would have thought that my job would become a sort of trend vocation. Last year we were able to fill the apprentice position in no time at all. It is now fun for me to pass on my knowledge. I know our merchandise management system like the back of my hand. In our department, we take on the responsibility for the consignments and the smooth processes in the assembly.

Christian Barteck completed his apprenticeship at STEMA as a specialist for warehouse logistics and is now the team leader for in-house logistics.

Sandra Rastig

Ich wechselte im 2. Lehrjahr zur STEMA. Gerade in dem Beruf der Industriekauffrau fand ich es wichtig, möglichst viele Eindrücke in den unterschiedlichen Abteilungen zu sammeln. Dafür ist ein mittelständiges Unternehmen, wie die STEMA mit circa 150 Mitarbeitern, bestens geeignet. Ich hatte sogar die Chance, direkt im Team der Konstrukteure mitzuarbeiten. Hier war ich noch viel näher an unseren Produkten dran. Ich durfte sie mit testen, fotografieren und Rohdaten für andere Teams zusammenstellen. Hier gefiel es mir letztendlich so gut, dass mich mein Abteilungsleiter übernommen hat und die STEMA mich bei meinem kommenden Studium unterstützt.

Sandra Rastig absolvierte ihre Ausbildung zur Industriekauffrau bei STEMA, wurde im Juni 2018 in ein festes Arbeitsverhältnis übernommen und wird ab Herbst 2018 ein berufsbegleitendes BA Studium zum Technischen Fachwirt aufnehmen, welches von der STEMA finanziert wird.

Sebastian Rumpf

I am a trained mechatronic technician. After my training as a service technician, I worked at a well-known car dealership for a long time. It was only when I was taking a university preparation course that it really went “click”. Unlike in high school, I suddenly had a real world connection to the naked theory. The partner offer from STEMA fit perfectly. Even during the first conversation, it was explained to me how important the practical relevance is to STEMA. These days you call it the “hands-on-mentality” - tackle it yourself. That’s why I’m here.

Sebastian Rumpf completed his BA studies, including an internship in the area of mechanical engineering at STEMA, and is now one of the leading designers in the team.

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